Alliance btw acn and cpc could be war on pdp. Whats is happening. Wil there ever be peace in nigeria again

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The alliance wil not work out. U think Ribadu wil step down for Buhari, or Buhari stepping down for Ribadu? Not likely.

It will put PDP on its toes.  But I don't see them taking over the presidency.

They might not defeat PDP,but they can form a strong opposition..
It will not work. Its just too late and even if it does they can't defeat GEJ if the last election results are anything to go by. I think other parties should form a formidable opposition in the Senate and in the House to give Nigerians they best they deserve for the hard work and resources. I do have my fears though, because our politicians are shameless, some may jump party so that they can be watered by the mjority wells, i guess you know what i mean.
You are right.
Wars are fought that we might live in peace.Nigerians are still not ready yet,4 a political liberation of the powerful few.ego & personality clash would nt allow a formidable opposition.oppositn is a potential goverment outside govt house.religion,ethnicity & intellectual blindness wouldnt allow us move 4ward as a nation.


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