i once read a book in which one of the characters said" i am sane but living in a mad world". our leaders so-called would like to have us believe that ghadaffi the libyan president is mad for calling for the dissolution of nigeria but the sad truth is that they may be the ones actually demented enough not to see the handwriting on the wall. when a man chooses to dance naked in the market square he relinquishes the right to be regarded as sane by his fellows.

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Well Valentine, you hit the right chord. The problem we have in this coutnrty is often compounded by our not being sincere about the situation on ground. Do we need Ghadaffi to tell us what he said? With the regular massacre in Jos, with routine human sacrifices in the Northern part of the country at the slightest provocation, with the way Turai and her cohorts are driblling Nigerians, should anybody tell us we are ONE? The people at the helm of affairs will want us tobelieve that things are well when they know that the contrary is the case. By our daily actions, inactions and thoughts, we plant the seed of disunity. Ghadaffi is not mad. What he said is a food for thought. A while ago, American Intelligence said Nigeria will soon break up. What about that? Rather than call people with intelligent opinions about our situation mad, we are the ones to re-examine the state of our sanity!
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