The Lil movement has reached feverish heights. Now, Atlanta’s own Lil Gotit has come through to stake his claim with “Lil Gotit – Hood Baby.” The project itself features an extensive eighteen tracks, many of which find Gotit handling minor-key, trap-styled production. Though he remains lyrically subdued, his insight suggests a noted sense of authenticity, derived from a lifestyle many listeners will never understand.

As a means of self-expression, Download Lil Gotit – Hood Baby features moments genuine reflection, in which an up-and-comer marvels at the transitioning nature of upward mobility. As an album, however, Gotit’s project tends to falter under the weight of its unmitigated runtime, and occasionally familiar themes.

Should you count yourselves among the trap aficionados, keeping tabs on every emerging Atlanta voice, consider checking this one out. It’s unlikely that Lil Gotit – Hood Baby will propel him into ubiquity, but the journey was never meant to be easy. Sound off below.


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