These days, there are so many new artists breaking into the industry. It’s an exciting time to be a fan. With so much content being created, it can be a little overwhelming at times. With hard work comes success and Eliozie – Loose Cannon is starting to experience what life can be like as a successful artist. The Dallas-raised rapper is ready for some shine as he delivers his first project Loose Cannon.

Produced entirely by Getter, Eliozie – Loose Cannon is going for lyrical vibes here. He was inspired by older Eminem cuts as his mentor Post Malone revealed. Posty told us that the Jewish artist was “influenced by old Slim Shady, kind of mixing lyricism into these new age bass beats.” For many, this will be an introduction to Eliozie. Let us know what you think and be sure to stream the project on all platforms.


1. Neck
2. Stampede
3. Villain
4. Smoke
5. Orchestrate
6. Steady
7. Overdrive


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