Quote from: Oloks on Today at 09:15:10 AM
This is the best Nollywood movie for a very long time, it has been on since Nov, more things to happen, !!

The Best nollywood movie indeed.

NOW the drama just added another twist to it.

Will Jonathan After being President comeback 2nd term to be VICE to any body?
Will the North accept to wait for another 8 years for GJ to complete an anomaly called OBJ to opportunity called GJ?
Will he want to to run from the polity by handing over to the NORTH? (PDP AGENDA & PDP Constitution)?
Will He GJ give us the true meaning of a democratic NATION and realy prove to us that we are the Giant of Africa?
Will GJ allowed himself to be commanded when he is the CIC, CGR CFR HIV AND AIDS, ?
Will Nigerians give him opportunity to show that the MINORITY CAN ALSO RULE THIS COUNTRY?
Will he GJ be honourable and conduct a credible Election and HAND OVER to maybe Likes of OSHOMS, DUKE, and RIBADU or EL RUFIA (his brother & Friends) if they wins and will not give it to the North to get their loyalty, come 2015 for he to re-appear?
Will Yayale Agree to be VP and remain VP till 2019?
Will the NORTH take for once now that they are really 2nd class citizens (and not the BORN TO RULE CLAIMS)?
Will IBB bow-out or accept VP ship?


The Stage is set now and the CAST and CREW are warming up.

Long Live Federal Rep. of 9Ja.

Quote from: Johnpaul2k2 on Today at 09:14:36 AM
... power is nothing without control.

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