Ad Network That is Better Than Adsense 2018 - (Fomo)

Hello guys, have you been finding it difficult on how to monetize your blog or Google adsense always ban you ? Then worry no more because i bring to you Another blazing Ad Network which is more better than adsense. Many people do say no ad network that is better than adsense that is a lie because they have not tried Fomo ad network.

Reasons why Fomo Ad Network is better than Google Adsense

1. Fomo Ad Network is very user friendly

2. Fomo pays 2$ for 1000 impression

3. Fomo pays 6 - 20$ for 1000 pageviews

4. Fomo does not require any amount of pageviews before they approve you which means you can even applied with your new site that does not have much traffic yet.

5. Fomo pays you 10$ per referral Click to register on Fomo Ad network for fast approval

6. Fomo Ad network does not have a specific threshold, they pay you any amount you earned at the end of the month, even though is just 1$ you make they will send your payment to you.

And many other benefit.

How to get approval easily and fastly on Fomo Ad Network

1. First follow the link to register for fast approval

2. You will be asked to place a code on your site (just before the </hread) then confirm you have place it

3. Leave the code on your site dont make a mistake removing it, although it takes a while before you got approval because they approve manually. Just have patient by leaving the code at ur site.

4. You can now start sharing you referral link for people to register

Click to register on Fomo Ad network for fast approval

If you have any question email: [email protected]

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