The Abuja, happy conspiracy against Nigeria, inside the “Aso Rock” is concocted the worst capitalist inhuman fraud, trafficking and hijack of all source of power and resources, when one look at the big swaps of our collective hope bargain in a casino economy where the community’s of ex-military, ex-permanent secretary’s,ex-bankers, industrialists, pastors, traditional rulers, law makers, judges have form the club of cambium to fraud and criminalise in cash dealing the future of Nigeria.

This is the picture and scenario of a legalise indirect survival of the rude terrorist game going on in Nigeria, were all is an assimilate rogues or connivance of the hold up privatization of our collective natural resources base on the theory of free enterprises of the worst kind of capitalist without human face- in the Nigeria contest it must go along with the privation of basic infrastructure if not it will not work, because to,work it must nurture the bands and the corporatists, and if till today they’re successful is because they had extend their horrible theory to all ramification of the corps that constitute an entity or to keep us safe and free from this Mafia casino cash dealings we need a judiciary inquiry to look into the entanglements of our economy system and the secret for it hold up.

Or to shame and bring to book this dangerous complacent, self-righteous, wishy-washy liberals inhuman threaten of the life of millions of Nigerians we need judges who are not corrupts or all are corrupt and this is why the system could be nurture and last in time- and to heal the cancer will be very difficult to eliminate with simple manifestation it is a waste of time, since it has extend it criminalisation of fraud to the whole social groups of the society, except if few powerful men of conscience from the inside who necessarily are not rich nor poor but hold the power of fire and security to commit what the game of illegal democracy did not like a mass theory of physical elimination- the atrocities of “capitalist against capitalist” it must come from the same milieu the revolt of the barbaric is the only answer to the question of actualisation of regime in Nigeria. If not it will be probe upon probe without any meaningful result as the absence of duality did not allow to query or to ask for accountability. But today we are not heading there all what we are doing is just to peddle with the system by patch- patching with the emotion of the people.

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