Aba Abia State is now completely left in ruins.  Everybody is worth 30,000 Naira has left.  The only ones remaining are those of us who cannot afford the transport fare to go anywhere.  There are no roads, no business, no jobs, it is ruins.

Sometime this year, theodore orji claimed that he spends 60% of Abia State monthly allocation in Aba.  There is no sign that one Naira is spent by theodore orji in Aba.

When theodore orji left PPA for APGA this year he said he has not been developing Abia State because he has been under the hoodwink of a matriarch to whom he has lost of the revenue accruing to Abia State all these years.

Now, everybody, including school children are now being kidnapped in Aba.  On Monday 15 school children were abducted at Aba.

As at today, more schools has closed down, bank has closed down.

Am I still being told that there is no cause for State of Emergency in Abia State.

That EFCC has not started prosecuting theodore orji and his former master orji uzor kalu smacks of selective anti-corruption effort.

President Jonathan, we have been improved with your two critical moves on petroleum and power.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAVE ABIA STATE

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Yes, I find the kidnapping issue so disturbing. There is no doubt that whatever is happing in Nigeria is being caused by politicians who use these guys to win elections. So in this case it will be safe to assume that someone somewhere is looking for money to run for the elections coming up next year. The funny thing is that security forces do know all these miscreant that doesn't want the average Nigeria to live in peace. I just hope that Nigeria is not heading for a revolution next year.
very sad to hear of the kidnapped children,i pray they come back to their families safe.talking about Abia state and your governor.he is no different from the rest of them.look at Delta state,Rivers,Bayelsa,Akwa ibom, all the oil Billions where are they? we need revolution to sort out that monster corruption


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