The battle is only half won people, voting and electing is not the final. Remember that MIND IN MOTION KEEP IN MOTION, AN IDLE MIND REMAIN IDLE. To build up Nigeria it have to be done block by block, Street by Street, Community by Community, State by states and that will lead up to a responsible federal government. This election out come seems to be the best possible that is been carried out by Nigeria simply because the Nigerian electorate (YOU) keep their mind in motion and pro-actively speak through their voting card and the INEC, Federal and the security arms of our government respond accordingly. Now that election is over all those political slogans is no longer relevant (CPC,ANPP,PDP and the rest) Now is the time to look for a positive result, now is the time to pay more attention to what program is our government is putting in place and how efficient it’s been carry out. Do not leave the this effort to the president, governor or the local government alone they will need our constructive criticism NOT a destructive criticism to do this job right because one does not belong to your preferred political party does not mean he/she is not capable doing a good job for our country. Keep in mind that the out come of this election is a by product of your involvement. Careless electorates will always be represented by careless representative in the government. People we are on our way now nothing is going to stop us, let’s look forward to a better tomorrow/Nigeria. Remember that citizen of Nigeria are not different from the citizens of the United kingdom, United States, France or Ghana people in those places have differences too they just tolerate each other and they allow the system to work itself off without interference even when they disagree. Inform press whenever you observe government program that is not been carried out as it suppose to be. You should be involve for the common good of Nigeria whether you are from the North, South, East or West Nigeria is our home if you stop keeping the pressure on those elected representatives regardless of their political party affiliation they will turn against your interest by becoming lazy and irresponsible. So keep the pressure up and don’t let your effort in this past election be in vain. LONG LIVE NIGERIA AND OUR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE

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