Episode 31
Comfort simply stood up after listening to my proposal, came towards my chair, stopped and stared at me for some seconds.

“your offer is quite a generous one even though you sounded harsh with it.

Nevertheless, thanks for coming up with it but another important thing i must emphasis on is nothing else but having you around at all times. No matter how you try shaping the situation, you will never deny the fact that we are starting a family. From next year, your presence will matter a lot to me. I feel you already know the other necessary roles you are to play for the safe delivery of our child?. It’s not all about money” she asked softly. I drew back my chair and stood up.

“you are not my wife Comfort. You can never be my wife. The best i can do is to support your pregnancy with money. Any other thing you are trying to add won’t work. Believe me i will throw a party if you even lose this pregnancy” i said harshly, melting her eyes with my words.

“okay, fine thanks for everything” she said softly, turned and slowly left my office without another word.

I always felt bad after using harsh words on her but most times i couldn’t stop myself from being...READ MORE

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