the time has come for him that work hard to be encourage,like a popular saying that said (when men are men where were you).people are much happier than before.who the cap fit let him wear it,he who has the leadership quality let join hand and save ourselves from the one that has the idea.God has a way of blessing someone it may you or me like we sing in our songs in the church,
my message today is anywhere you are ask from the people living in china or check your goggle on ( who is EMMA OJUKWU ),here u can find out who has been working sleepless night.
Now what am i saying, The embassy of  nigeria beijing whom control the systems and citizen of nigerian in china ask for normal election,but people who has been sleeping or hiding cause of most of the crime that commit here are been sponsor by this men.Today this people want to contest so they will continues
the crime leadership,TODAY we say no image killers and say that our country will regain its lost glory like i wrote in my last episode.Come 20th of march the ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIANS COMMUNITY IN CHINA will be hosting its executive elections that conprised the the union president &vice and many other post,WE here in china say we want mr EMMA OJUKWU who has done so well in cleaning the city and china as well good for us nigerian living here without fears.In his last meeting with the press conference from many part of africans and europe he said we are many here, we deed the crimes and the authorities are not happy with us but today they are starting to agree with us.
In my own opinion i urge every hand to be on deck for MR president unopposed.

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STOP speaking long Grammar. You should all come back to Nigeria.
hello david,u may call it long whatever,but mind u that some of your brothers are there in china,try and ask some people living in china about what am talking about
thank you benmark ebere,you know the election is to choose from whom want to contest,as for the candidates i cannot say,who so ever want to contest will be eligible and qualified to contest and must have a valid passport.for the voters if u don't have valid papers u can equally vote by registering as a nigerian citizen or to your town union meeting.infact everybody is eligible to vote,and for the venue the information will be pass through as soon is comfermed .but i urge u to visit the office of the NIGERIA COMMUNITY HERE IN GUANGZHUO,the add is qifu lu,junfu commercial center,rm 403.call these number to direct u if u can locate the address,02037150113.
As for mr oleka john late,this is our responsiblity to take care of all nigerian citizens here in china,he has done more than that if u contiune to follow his leadership rights.
again for the visa problems in china for nigerians,it will be taken care of more after election,even now this same MR ojukwu has made it possible for a vaild visa extensions,but the invaild visa will be taken care of after election.thanks so much for your comment and we promise not to fail nigerians here in china.UP OSY OJUKWU FOR PRESIDENT.

benmark ebere said:
MACANTHONY from your write-up we now know that the NIGERIAN COMMUNITY in Guangzhou china is planing to hold elections on the 20th of march 2010 to elect officers to run the affairs of the community, what we want to know are...
(1) who and who are contesting for the office of the president
(2)who is eligible to vote..........meaning who is qualified to vote...... who can vote
(3)where will the elections take place and the time of voting

Answers to this questions will help to determine who and who can participate in the election process either as a candidate or a voter or even a spectator, because to the best of my knowledge majority of Nigerians living here dont know much about the activities of the NIGERIAN COMMUNITY and who is eligible to be a member ,reason is because most people here dont have valid papers to reside here and that makes them illegal immigrants and so they dont come out to participate in things like this and even when they are interested the few that have papers tend to act tin gods and even discriminate against them....so try to sensitize the people on the activities of the community and who is eligible to be a member and what it takes to be a member because many people think that if u dont have ur valid papers u cant be a member.
As for Mr EMMA OJUKWU, i want to thank him for the good job he and his team has been doing so far, case in point is the help they rendered to the late Mr John Oleka,it is true that the late Mr Oleka was not a registered member of the Nigerian Community, but when he was brought to the office of the community seriously ill Mr Ojukwu and his team did every thing they could do to get him medical help and when he insisted on being taken back to Nigeria, Mr Ojukwu and his team raised the money for his fine and ticket and got him his exit visa almost immediately, unfortunately he died 3 days after arriving Nigeria.We thank Mr Emma Ojukwu, Prince, the Nigerian Community and all those who donated money to see that he was sent home.
As you guys go into the elections, let us bear in mind that it is not a do or die affair, let it be democratic and devoured of rigging and violence and the losers should accept the result of the elections in good faith.

Nice Post......


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