Again, another Nigerian killed by facing firing squard in the communist state in vietnam. This is really a very sad and shameful act on the part of Nigerians doing this misconducts and illegal dealings in some other part of the world.

However, I will like to explicitly iteriate my opinions about this ugly incidents that always mal the name of Nigerians outside her shores baring in mind that the percentage of Nigerians perpetuating this illegal act and misconduct is a small percentage of Nigerians compared to the larger percent of Nigerians doing her country proud in diaspora.

I will give examples, statistics shows that the number of Nigerians medical doctors alone in New york city is more than 150. If you go to Asia, you will see Nigerian expertiates, If you go to europe, you will find Nigerian expertiates, if you go to anywhere in the world you will always find highly placed Nigerians playing key position in their new and adapted communities they belong and which they humble accept has their second home.

Again, I will use this medium to convey my sad advice has one of the pariotic citizens of Nigeria, that her citizens should be well taken care of by gainful employments and better welfare must be introduced so that they will not be found wanting in ilicit act outside her shores.

In addition, A reliable source confirmed that the drug was found with her girlfriend who was vietnamese citizen during delivery. I will like to draw attention of the Nigeria government to this, The girlfriend who was a vietnamese citizen was given a lighter sentence to life imprisonment and the foreign Nigeria was killed by facing firing squard. Below is my thought about the communist state called vietnam.

  • Since the drug was not found with the Nigerian, then why will they hastenly execute him.
  • Why don't they give their citizen and the Nigeria thesame penalty of facing firing squard.
  • Why don't they inform the Nigeria Government and the Nigeria Government make an appeal in court before finally eliminating the life of the young man.
  • clearly I can see that the communist states and other countries in the middle east who involved in killing other citizens of other countries are sending a wrong message to the world.

This may sound biased but I will also want to make the following responses to the above:

  • What effort or concern has the Nigerian government showed that they cared for the young man before allowing the man to be executed, remember what happened to a US CIA who killed two Afghanistan in self defence, he was also sentenced but later freed after the intervention of US government.
  •  I will also like to know how many foreigners have been killed in Africa or Nigeria for illegal deals. For example, most of the fake medical drugs and fake technologies are from  some of this communist countries. Also, some europians and Americans are sometimes involved in illegal oil dealings in Nigeria, so how many of them have been killed.

Finally, I will like to drop my pen and end the note by saying that the way africans are treated in even some other african countries like south africa, communist state and the middle east like saudi arabia is highly condemned by passing judgment and sometimes seriously beaten, brutalized and put in prisons with different punishment measures. This is completely inhumanity to human.




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Bros, who may write a book of lamentation , but your bros from 9ja wants to make it by all means irrespective of what consequences , i believe that Nigeria is not bad to that level, it is just that greed in us to get rich by all means . Get deep into this matter you would discover to your amazement that your bros is a drug baron , further more they are acting according to the law of their land period.

Yes, If you read the article carefully, you will reason with me that I am not on the side with any Nigerian involved in those kind of deals. I don't have any of my brother dealing with drug, I am from an educated and principle family. Why I don't know about you anyway. Are you suggesting that citizen from another country should continued to be killed, jailed and sentenced.

I agree with you that Africans are treated with disdain and scorn by the other continents but we are contributory to our problems.  Drug trafficking is an offence against humanity and the trafficker is breaking the laws of countries because there is no country in the world today that condones trafficking in drug.  So if a Nigerian has been killed for trafficking in drugs, he paid for his sins.
@ Charles Ugochukwu, I equally agree with you. Thanks

The point I am driving at is that you cannot kill a citizen of developed country or advanced nation without undergoing a due process. Their must be legal appeal in court, the victim in question must have a lawyer and stuff like that regardless of whatever kind of crime he/she must have commited.



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