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You are surprised that IBB wants to run for President again? Nigerians being what we are will be hailing him to run just because of what selfish individuals stand to gain while more than 95 percent suffer as a result of bad leadership. What else can IBB offer after misruling the country for 8 years? supervising a regime of murderers and terrorists, and cancelling the best election Nigeria ever had? We will never forget Dele Giwa and June 12. What business did he left behind in Aso Rock that he is going there to get back?
People like IBB insult the intelligence of Nigerians by even talking about the possibility that they can still be leaders in this country. There is no hope for Nigeria as long as bad leaders like IBB continue to recycle themslves back into power. Obasanjo stopped him last time, lets see if anyone else has the guts to do it again. To hell with IBB.
That a man like Mr Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida is still nursing the ambition of ruling this country again speaks volume of the insensibilty and stupid mentality of some hardened despots who think Nigeria is their inherited farm that they can come out and plunder at will. Or is it not this same IBB that plundered the treasury of this nation and institutionalized corruption?
I am not surprised anyway because those he transformed to emergency billionaires during his 8 years of wasteful rulership will come out to carry him shoulder high in 2011 and sing his praises to high heavens because they know what his coming back means to them.
I only pray that Nigerians will grow above being deceived by those thieves who looted our treasury and are now trying to use our money which they stole against us. God will never forgive any Nigerian who uses his priviledged position to use our common wealth to oppress us. The blood of those they killed to hold on to power will rise up in judgement against them one day whether they like it or not. God bless Nigeria.


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