A breakthrough in the organization of the conference

The organization and implementation of the conference have always been a demanding task. Providing information to participants, logistical issues, organizing access – all this requires extraordinary commitment and perseverance. Fortunately, thanks to the development of technology today, some matters are much simpler – for example, online registration and payment. Konfeo is a software used to organize conferences, both small and those for several hundred people. This software is a breakthrough for all conference organizers.

Konfeo was created by practitioners who have been working in the industry for many years. The creators of Konfeo wanted to make the created software as intuitive as possible. After all, not every conference organizer has to know very well about modern technologies. 12 years of experience in the design of Internet applications has resulted in the development of a system that combines three basic features:

The convenience of use –to create an event, you only need a few clicks, there is no need to fill in long forms. You can always complete the missing information later. This simplicity of use distinguishes Konfeo from other applications available on the market.

Konfeo is an online tool, it means you have access to it from anywhere in the world and you do not need to install any application. Thanks to this you can organize your event even using any mobile device.

Safety of use –thesystem uses a SSL certificate, which means that the internet connection is secured by encrypted protocol.

Creating Konfeo, we strictly adhered to the philosophy of "less is more". Therefore, Konfeo does not contain unnecessary functions that make it difficult for beginners to navigate the event organizing system. Why should you trust Konfeo? Over 5,000 events have been organized using our system. So many people have trusted us because Konfeo has the most useful functions for the organizers:

You can instantly check the list of participants and the status of payments to your account. You can also freely filter data and export it to a separate file. It will allow you to monitor the current situation and the number of potential participants.

Individual registration forms – you can create registration forms for each event separately. Each registration form can have a set of different fields – checkboxes, text areas, radio buttons etc.

Online payments – For the convenience of users, we provide PayPal integration. Money immediately goes to the organizer's account.

Group registration – We also provide the opportunity to submit groups of conference participants in one form. This speeds up the entire registration process, and the organizer can decide on the maximum size of the groups.

Event creator –process of seeting up an event is extremely easy –three simple steps are enough to create a registration page for the conference. It's enough to enter basic data, you can complete the rest of the information later.

Konfeo is a unique technological solution that can facilitate the organization of all kind of conferences. To find out how easy it is to use and how useful this tool is, visit the konfeo.com website.

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