The acting president Goodluck Jonathan should quite the scene with that huge Hat!!!  He couldn't trace his African heritage, now he's walking about with a strange identity by puting on cow-boy's hat which is mexican, and he has lost his African family name.I mean the whole of him is just too bizarre!!!

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Hope u have not forgotten that the acting President is a Bayelsan and that the big hart is the cultural identity of Bayelsa people - that is their way of dressing. Hope u have not forgetton so soon that the first civilian governor of bayelsa state, Mr. Alameimeyesia dressed just like the acting president when he was in office. It has nothing to do with loss of identity. What would u say of Yar Adua. Was he not dressing like a Hausa? He name is goodluck Jonathan. I hope u realize that, that has been his name even when he was a lecturer. What makes u think he should change the name now?
If the Bayelsans think cow-boy's hat is now their native cap, not cool at all! Those hats were what the colonials wore during their activities in Nigeria and of course in Africa. Those French colonials also used those hats just like the British when they were in all those African regions now French colonies. The Senegalese and the Malian were not stupid enough to forbid and to discard the traditional cap and their family names to embraces that of their guest like what we are seeing in Nigerian acting president...
In case you don't know about your heritage just try and find it out. I'm a pro-Africanist and a realist. Wole soyinka and others like the late Beko of south Africa are my mentor. I never mingles what is African with westerns neither do I call what’s white,black. I know the very distinct between native and foreign. Until you are conscious of this, you will never know what to do as an African. Malcolm-X was so sad having been given a western name that he decided to changed his name to "X" latter. According to him the letter x represent the unknown in mathematics since he couldn’t know his Father’s name. He was an incredible intellectual of his epoch whom the whole world would pay antention to when he speaks.>check him out in Utube< If the Americans should feel so concern about their fammilies' name and I see no reason why a Nigerian president who was never taken for slavery and shipped across the ocean should feel comfortable walking around with Jonathan as a “family name”. All those individuals bearing similar names should be miserable until they change their family name to indicate their background and their nativities. If you are a Man get marry to an African woman with an austenitic African name then your can naturalised with her father’s name and become an African…
I am beginning to wonder whether you have any personal grudge against the Acting President. You are emphasing on his attire particularly the hart as if you are seeing the hart on his head for the first time. Did he not wear this same hart when he was the governor of Bayelsa State. I would not want to believe that your own state governor does not appear in suits. If he does, i wonder what you will say of him because suite is not african. I think we should occupy our minds with important issues: Issues that border on the welfare of the citizenry, issues that affect our daily lives than to dissipate our energy talking about the mode of dressing of the acting President, which to me is a topic for idle minds.
It doesn't upset me if he wears suit or Agbada. I'm just freaked-out by your argument that Hat is the traditional custom of the Bayelsan people when even George Bush, a cow-boy, couldn’t one day dare wear Hat while in Office. If he had tried, I guess the Americans would have though he’s out of his mind and probably recommend that he should see a psychiatrist. You think this issue is insignificant but I tell you, unless you begin to embraces Africanism ideologies and realise the fact that a >>mechanic need to know the type of tools to use while repairing a Car otherwise he will not be able to fix the problem of that car It’s not something nouveau to me whether he’s the president or not. My tribe, Eshan, has occupied such positions whether you have Aikhomu as VP or chief Tony Anenih and Tom Ikimi both served as ministers and “national chairman of both NRC and SDP respectively. Chief Antony Enahoro was the only minority from Eshan to raised the movement of the nation’s independence and non of these guys had british names as family’s name. >>see Esan:
Your observtion is is ok, but i think your arguement is misplaced and absolutely unnecessary at this material time. it is shallow and has no relevance in the dispensation of things. Please look for something else to say.I wonder if your state governor adorns your traditional clothes always.Tell me you dont wear suits, jeans trousers etc and then i'll say you probably have a point. i WONDER IF GODFREY IS A TRADITIONAL NAME Your argument is unfair to the acting P. i THINK YOU OWE HIM AN APOLOGY FOR SUCH INSULTS. by suggesting his need for a psychiatrist.
We are not talking about first name here but family name. You lost your ancestors' name just do what i recommended in my previous post. Any where i go my last name denotes my nativity and I'm proud of it.Jonathan will be boom and make fun of by the Black American if he visited United State.They would laugh and said,"we're trying to change our names and you got a Nigerian still with a colonial's name and colonial's Hat?" I guess Only the uneducated African can disagreed with me here in regard of my sensitivity over Jonathan as a Nigerian acting-president with whole of him not expressing that he's a Native.I don't have any problem with him cos i don't know in person but the fact remain, that unless he discarded that Hat and change his name,he might not be eligible for a leader....
I read what people are writing here with utmost regret. we have a president whom people are no longer interested in his performance nor his way of slow speech(obj) nor his health status(Yaradua), the issue now is the hat on his head versus his dress code. in traditional studies, we do not condemn a traditional practice based on its source, rather its based on its impact on humanity then we can say harmful traditional practices. that a group of people wear hat in their dressing and we say they picked it from the white hence it has cannot be their culture. if you are quoting me wrong, then define what culture is? Some of us might not even have seen a bayelsan before talk more of knowing their way of dressing thats why we can ever question this.
Being an extremeist in issues of culture should not influence one's judgement. if you are so pro african, why are you having an english name added to your african name?, how many times do you even wear your native dress. fellow nigerians am proud of my nation and i respect my president for overseeing the affairs of our dear 140million populace. waiting for the hat to be discarded, you have a long wait
Only the people with wisdom and knowledge are invited in an issues that concern the king.Those who argue are not seen in the kings palace but the intellectuals and the philosophers the history has indicated that. A lot of Nigerians still never know the usefulness of psychology in a decision making. Our president would answer question with question to the very humiliation of the Educated Nigerians around the world and yet those at home and even those who claimed to be in Abroad will not see the negative impact is having on them. Miss Okpeke is talikin' about performances when the country is decaying gradually.people like you will said bring back IBB and had cheer for Yar'Adua and voted him the president cos you lack insight. Nigeria is secondary where you have Ghana and even Garbon and Ivorycoast,why, you don't have common light those guys enjoys, you don't have universities those guys attends. zimbabwe a country tormented by long sanction and conflict came up among the top 20 best university in African.Nigerian's best came up 36th all because of individuals like you who still never know that even your name means a lot.Wole Soyinka is the only man representing Nigerian abroad, you watch his interview on CNN you can see that element of intelletual in him.You sighting performance, i just can't figure out where you got that from.The VP has been there with the president long enough that he has participated in all the poor decision making that has lead the country into the very absurd situation it's today....
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