99.9% of Nigerian men are 'not good' in bed – Sex therapist reveals

Sex therapist, Soul Spice, has revealed that 99.9% of Nigerian men are not good in bed while making some interesting comments and revelations about sex.

Soul Spice, whose real name is Hannah Jonathan, spoke about what makes good sex, Nigerian men and sex, and the effect of sex toys in married couples’ lives.

On Nigerian couples and sex, she emphasised that the problem most couples face is sexual incompatibility.

She said: “I always say this, if you’re a two minutes man, you’re perfect, you don’t have a problem. If you’re a 30 seconds man, you’re perfect, you don’t have a problem. You become imperfect when you’re dating or you’re married to a woman who wants 30 minutes.”

She added, that most Nigerian men do not know the right thing to do to pleasure a woman.

She said: “Trust me, Nigerian men, 99.9, and I’m saying this as fact, 99.9 per cent are not good in bed.”

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