8 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website On Wordpress (just like vanguardngr.com)

1: WordPress is no longer
just for blogging
.It is very comprehensive
Content Management Suite used to power many
different types of websites, including business
sites, job boards, sites featuring classified ads, etc.

2: WordPress is
cost-effective...its free!
It would cost a lot of money
to have a custom CMS developed that could do the
same thing that WordPress does; so why not save
money with WordPress? Like WordPress,
the plugins are generally free as well.

These plugins are usually not only free but
open source as well. This means that like WordPress,
you can edit them if you need to.

3: WordPress is Flexible.
A great thing about WordPress is, it is completely
open source - which means that the source code
used to run WordPress is available to the general public.

This means that anyone on the planet can modify the
code if necessary and customize WordPress even
further to be what they need.

It also means that any plugins and themes (templates)
created for the platform are also open source -which
means it's a powerful CMS system ready to do
what you need it to, it's flexible, and easy to customize.

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All things considered, the time has come for you had a site to grandstand and promote online business what you do and how well you do it. With regards to building a site, there are a few alternatives. A portion of the work won't be simple. There's an expectation to absorb information.


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