7 Types Of Nigerian Artist Found In The Nigerian Music Industry 2020

The Nigerian music industry is a very wide and a big one, to this we have various musical acts cropping up everyday.

Some have made it to the limelight while others are still fighting to get on the spotlight, we have been thrilled with the kind of music these creative’s have brought to our speaker’s and ears of late and in this article we x-ray the Nigerian music industry and it’s kinda content. We will try to examine and evaluate the naija musician and what he/she is known for or stands out in .

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The Na Me Dey Hear Artist:
The very first set of music artists we’d love to examine in this post are the ones who have created a nitch for themselves and have stood up so tall in that music genre.

This Musicians are known for the kind of music the dish out and whenever they announce that the will be dropping any music their fans are always aware of what to expect and the kind of rhythm they will be listening to and with this acts everything they do is defined by their works.

They always have anticipating audience waiting for their musical works and creating new fan base isn’t a big deal for this artists. These are but not limited to the hip hop artists, reggae , high life , pop etc we get delighted about these set of artists because of these singular act of creating relevance for themselves.

The over sabi musicians:
The second set of Nigerian Musicians we want to talk about are the ones who have genuine messages to pass to their fans either by commenting on social issues, bringing a new normal or fusing the two to produce great sound and rhythm.

This are yet another set of artists, they are known for spitting words that has direct impact on the happenings in the society, many at times they are seen as activist’s or social commentators passing their message through their music they are loved by a few who think they are their defender’s and hated by the the rest who always take their music as an attack on government or a set of people. But be it as it may this creative’s are always relentless in putting out their works and when needed.

We’ve had a couple of them here in Nigeria rise to stardom and seen as role models in our modern societies and many of them turn to be afraid of what they preach and fail to practice what they preach on regular basis.

One of the biggest activist’s in the Nigerian music industry is the great Fela Kuti who was attacked by the government of that time because he was seen as trait to democracy but that notwithstanding Nigerians and indeed those in the african region have seen him to be a great legend and have kept his memories on.

The We No Dey Hear Word Nigerian Artist:
The third group of Nigerian music artists breed in the nation are the ones who are seen as bad influence, maybe by their looks and other factors but are seen bringing vibes to the Nigerian music industry whenever they make a debut.

This set of musicians are the ones often criticized by people by the way the happen to behave or seen, but often come with a strong and different vibes whenever the make a release.

Most at times young folks are advised to desist from their music as it is being seen as a bad influence over them and many at times their visuals or videos are barred from being aired on the TV’s because of the content contained in their music but most at times we see this musical works sale even better and wider amidst it’s strong criticism and attacks we have allot of Nigerian Musicians on this table and wouldn’t want to list them in this post but we are sure and certain that we have known this creative’s and overtime have gotten used to their works.

The Perfect Mr/Mrs Lova Lova:
The next set of Nigerian musicians we’re talking about here are the ones that are frequently seen as lover boys and girls as a result of their consistent release of music for love birds.

Johnny Drille
These set of artists sing to talk about love, falling in love or about the things associated with love and loving. We have had alot of them on this table and we’re always intrigued whenever they dish us such music to spies up our love life and possibly give us causes to love.

Nigerian lovers are always seen remaking these love songs in their relationship. We see our popular TikTokers use this songs to make amazing TikTok videos and keep us entertained and thrilled by their works and we’re not giving up on these creative’s anytime soon as they are the live of the party.

Street Credibility Tested and Trusted:
The next set of Nigerian artists we’re talking about are the ones that the street claims they own or their music works often at times seen as a street anthem.

Olamide and Naira Marley The Nigerian music industry is indeed blessed with allot of mind-blowing talents many at times I lean back to my seat and have a chill because I am often blown away by these Nobel and outstanding talent’s.

The music industry wouldn’t be thrilling if these set of music artists weren’t in the scene we have seen the Nigerian music industry evolve to greatness by their outstanding music.

The street has been triggered by their works and their music often seen as meant for the street because they give a resounding message for the street. For instance let’s talk about the popular “MARLIANS ANTHEM” by Naira Marley and a lot of others like “WOSKE BY OLAMIDE” and many others to numerous to mention in this post. These Artists have really got us to know that we’re blessed as a nation and keep others upcoming artiste have a nitch to fall into.

The “I wan Blow Now” Artist.
Victor AD and his new benzThese are yet another group of creative Nigerian musician who are of the hope that one day the ‘hustle go pay’ and they never fail to put this into their tunes while getting themselves a fan base they belong to the hustling gangs who also share the same opinion with them most times their music is always filled with deeep motivation seen to make one get inspired or motivated to a cause or his or her career. We have seen alot of such artist in the Nigerian music industry and we hope for the best for them.

So if you’re a Nigerian am sure you should be proud of being a Nigerian after listening to these musical talents just as I always have been anytime I listen to my favs drop fire let us know which of this acts you have loved the most.

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