7 common mistakes you probably make in the bathroom

The toilet is one of the most used part but least taken care of. Bathroom etiquette is essential for a healthy living space so here are 7 common mistakes you probably make in the bathroom.
There are some of the things you thought you were doing right but trust me after going through this list, you'll be surprised.

Flushing the toilet while the lid is up
According to Charles Gerba, a microbiologist from the University of Arizona, Fecal matter and urine can fly as far as six feet away from the toilet bowl during each flush. Close the lid before you flush to keep those gross particles in your toilet and out of the air.

Sitting on the toilet seat too long
People tend to use their toilet time to books, magazines or scroll through social media. Sitting on the ceramic throne for too long can cause hemorrhoids because the seated position places a lot of pressure on the veins in your lower rectum which can swell or bulge.
The most common symptom of hemorrhoids is rectal bleeding but you may experience itchiness or discomfort around the rectal area. This is just a quick reminder that the toilet isn’t the place for personal time.

Keeping your toothbrush too close to the toilet
Toothbrushes should be kept about four feet away from the toilet because, as noted earlier fecal matter and urine can fly from the toilet bowl when you flush and live the lid open. It should not also be placed on the sink due to splashes from soap and dirty water.

Not washing your hands long enough
According to the CDC, all it takes is twenty seconds to give your hands a proper scrubbing with soap and water. 95 percent of people don’t wash their hands long enough to effectively kill germs based on a Michigan state university study with the average hand-washing time of only six seconds.

Forgetting to clean your toothbrush
Researchers have found that about 10million germs of icky bacteria like E.coli on the average toothbrush. It’s important to rinse your toothbrush well after each use and occasionally soak it in vinegar for about 30 minutes to get rid of any leftover bacteria, making your toothbrush replacements every three months.

The number one rule of wiping: Less is more. One or two wipes are usually all you need to clean yourself up after using the toilet. But wiping too much can irritate your anus and cause small abrasions that trigger inflammation and itch. If more than one wipe won’t suffice, switch to wet toilet paper or an unscented baby wipe to decrease the irritation and friction from wiping.

Placing the toilet brush back into its holder immediately after use
Germs and moisture breed and multiply every time you put a toilet brush back into its holder right after each use. Always allow the brush dry completely after you’ve finished cleaning the toilet bowl so you’re not scrubbing the same bacteria back into your toilet the next time you use it.


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