6 ways to care for your partner beyond mere words

Loving your partner shouldn’t be stereotyped; especially if you two have been through a lot before getting to this present point.

52 Ways to Tell Someone You Love and Appreciate Them

Love, just like the effect of a drug wears off with time and, it's not properly tended to, it will fade off with the speed of light.

This present age of lovers has decided to go with just any flow that suits them and, they expect their love life to still be intact. What they don’t know is keeping love fresh involves a lot of work, work, and work.

Below are six ways you can express love beyond words

Smile at your partner often

Smiles, especially the genuine ones, have this special way of disarming and unearthing the heaviness of any heart. Your partner is a part of your life and, doing something as little as smiling at them when speaking with them will do a lot of magic. Love doesn’t have to be stressful, you know!

Buy random gifts unexpectedly

Imagine that your partner is seated at work and, a delivery man shows up with an unexpected gift from you to them – it will light up his/her face instantly. Receiving random gifts from your lover has a magical way of spurring the depth of love you both had and, if your love fire was going on a low, this, right here, will reignite it.

Give your partner warm compliments often

This is one aspect of a love story that most partners take for granted. Most partners are too busy to even notice that their partner’s look changed or they wore a new perfume or they’ve trimmed down in size due to workouts or intake of herbal slimming products. If your woman just got her hair done and, she gets by you, compliment her new look and, make her feel happy while at it. If your man got a new haircut away from his usual style, let him know that you appreciate how cute he looks. Doing this often will refuel the love you both share.

Go on dates away from your usual spots

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. If you and your partner are used to hanging out at a particular spot most of the time, then, it's time to make a switch and go somewhere else but, more serene. A new hangout spot for you and your partner has its own way of giving you both new vibes.

Make your weekends together more fun and spicy

If you and your partner are used to doing regular stuff together during the weekends, you can think of better ways to add more fun and vibes to your moments. Play video games together, cook together, dine and wine together and, yes! See a movie together. It feels all so refreshing and renewing. Don’t get so used to sticking to a particular routine; try doing something more spontaneous.

Help ease the burden

Here’s what this means – if your partner has so much work to sort out at the weekend and you know you can assist, do jump in on it. People love to be with those who have their interests at heart and, if this continues over time, then, your love life has taken an entirely sweet, refreshing turn.

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