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5HX-II batch circulating grain dryer is developed based on decades of research of the grain drying characteristics and the law of moisture diffusion and transfer. It adopts low temperature, large air flow, cross flow with multiple troughs.

It has main features of nice appearance, compact structure, simple operation, low heat consumption, uniform moisture content after drying. to ensure that each grain has a good color, smell and excellent drying effect.


This equipment is mainly used for the drying of commercial grain or seeds like rice, soybeans and other grains with strong thermal sensitivity. It is also suitable for drying other materials such as wheat, corn, rapeseed and so on. The dryer can be used for the drying of grain with high moisture content with low temperature. It can operate 24 hours a day continuously with good stability reliability and safety. Grain with moisture content of 16% to 30% can be stored safely after drying several times, and the quality of the material after drying can be guaranteed. This machine is suitable for farm, grain depot, flour mill, rice mill, seed processing factory, grain processing center for the centralized management of grain. This equipment can be used independently and in parallel.


High drying efficiency

High grain quality after drying

 Easy operation

 Contamination free.

COFCO Engineering & Technology (Zhengzhou) Co. Ltd.

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