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Ads can be seen everywhere. The manufacturers spread the idea of the products to attract more people to purchase. Indeed, if the ads are well planned and catches the public’s attention, then naturally the products will be sold out. But the ads should be based on the original value.

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Every ad tries to implant some idea to the customers. The value behind these ads need to be positive and lead people have the right attitude to life. But some ads exaggerate the faces and implant wrong ideas to the public. For example, the medicine about lose weight. The ads show to the public that only skinny girls can be beautiful and attract the boy’s attention. This is really the wrong idea to show beauty, especially for the teenagers. They are young and are easy to be misled by these terrible ideas.

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Those ads should be restricted, if they contain the wrong idea or show the improper pictures, such as violence, which brings negative information to the teenagers. The good ads should spread positive sides to the public and lead people treat life right.

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