I first got my lesson on business negotiation several years ago when as a bleary eyed 19 year old writer I was faced with negotiating with an experienced, cunning small publisher who wished to purchase the manuscript for my first ever book. It was a novel I wanted to publish but couldn’t get any conventional publisher to publish me.

After considering the option of self publishing I decided on selling all rights to the book. My dire financial situation didn’t help matters so I had to sell to raise some money.

The publisher sensed and knew I needed money and made a terribly low offer. It was unacceptable for something I had spent close to one year writing.

The shocker was that I later accepted his offer after weeks of haggling and negotiating. He refused to budge or even add some couple of thousands to his initial offer. In the end, instead of going empty handed and even losing my work (I had already given him a copy of the manuscript to proofread for publishing) I took the money and went on my way.

That experience effectively turned me away from fiction writing ( I think in some way I’m glad for that) still it taught me a lot about successful negotiation.

There are many half truths out there about successful negotiation which do not help growing business people and professionals much. Whether you are in business negotiating for a deal or an employee looking for a raise here are five pieces of advice that will help you negotiate more successfully.....



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