5 key things to know before writing an undergraduate project

Writing Undergraduate projects is not as casual as some other forms of calligraphy; you must be knowledgeable and infact educated on certain things if you must get it right. Little wonders why tertiary institutions attach each project student to an instructor or supervisor; they understand too well that you need help throughout your research. That notwithstanding, there are key things you definitely need to know before writing an undergraduate project; it will be of great help if you note the following;

You must have an undergraduate project topic

You must graduate through the process of choosing an undergraduate project topic to research on before you can proceed to do a project in final year. Sometimes, the project topic you choose determines to a large extent the project supervisor that is assigned to you. In other words ‘am saying that your undergraduate project topic influences a lot of things throughout your final year research.

You must have an objective

 Every undergraduate project and indeed every research, must have an objective; one that is specific and detailed. The objectives of an undergraduate research guides the method of data gathering, the data analysis and presentation processes.

You will need resources

Try not to limit your mind to the financial aspect of research resources; you need more than financial resources. Human resources will be involved including your supervisor, friends, colleagues, and your research population; material resources are indispensable including library research, observation, interview, experiments, survey etc.; and ofcourse financial resources.

You need a supervisor/instructor

Like mentioned earlier, it is doubtful you successfully finish an undergraduate project without an instructor or supervisor. Truth is, they help observe or notice your mistakes, guide you with approved yardsticks and help with resource materials if need be.

Not all projects must be defended

By this I mean that not all academic discipline require their students to defend their projects, sometimes they may be required to implement it like computer science students and engineering students do. While in some, they will only write their projects under the supervision of their instructors after which they submit it to their faculty or department without defending it.  

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