1.To Re-affirm Her Desirability:
If all you do is tell your girl- through words
and actions- that she is not desirable(maybe
because of her weight,)you are only
prepping her to fall for any prey who as
much as shows a little admiration for the
same thing you criticise. Always make your
woman feel desirable.
2. Celibate Matrimony:
When a man continually deprives his wife of
sex- he will overtime push her to cheat with
someone who is willing to satisfy her- after
all body no be firewood
3. Revenge:
She caught you cheating and wants to get
back at you.
4. She Never Loved You:
She doesn’t love you and is just passing
time.Some girls date a guy not because they
love him but because he was the only
option they had at the time. Once a better
option shows up, they would immediately
start cheating.
5. She is a Whore:
You didn’t think I would leave that out, did
Some girls are hoes plain and simple.
Try all you can to please them, they are
“animashauns”- they must give out what
they have between their legs. Don’t beat
yourself if she is like.Just let the b*itch go.

How to approach, seduce and win a girl's heart

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