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Na only JESUS b d saviour. Every man bad, just say, we neva see n own.
He did not save Bayelsa when he was governor,he has not saved Nigeria since he became president.lets see if another 4years in power will turn him from villain to hero.
@chris ndu,i sumhw agry wit u,bt,think of this,dnt u think Ribadu competent?politics in Nigeria is obsolete to me,bt as d sayin we are political beings.and we can hide from that fact.GET is a good man,he not wit pple like OBJ,IBB n lots of Nija pol.Godfathers.
As an ideal realist, The acronym of the president to me i.e. GEJ is definitely a Good Ending Judgment for us the youths and our generation. The good end judgment is projected by the ideal realist himself. I Sodiq Bolaji has an article to implore Nigerians to read with assiduity. Here is the link: It is all about discovering the evidence we are living in. Great People! Great Nation!
He is the Messiah! Who God has blessed,no man can curse.
My Dear Sister,
It is the wish and desire of every woman like you to have her man all for her self, off course that’s how it should be. Statistics show that 87% of men cheat on their spouse. And this has become a serious pain, fear and concern to every woman. In fact a lady told me she wants to become a Reverend Sister (remain single) because of the fear of heartbreaks and disappointments. Many women have gone to early grave for this issue of unfaithfulness from men some are living hopelessly some have become widows. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to experience such or you right now want to escape from such.

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