Functions of the Local government

1. Control and provision of Markets and motor packs: This is one of the most important functions of the Local government. In rural areas where there is hardly good motor packs or large market for the people, the local government is expected to provide and control markets and motor parks.

2. Collection and disposition of refuse: As it is always said, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". No society can survive in a dirty environment and that is why the local government has this function. They collect and dispose refuse in the community.

3. Making recommendations: Local government is also given the obligation of making recommendation to state/federal government on issues and problems of rural communities that cannot be solved by the local government.

3. Provision and control of cemeteries and slaughter houses: In cases where the local government does not exist, it is usually difficult to control the way people use cemeteries. However, with local government, rules are given on how the local people use cemeteries and slaughter houses. This brings about development in the nation and makes the local government organized.

4. Regulation and issuing of birth, death and marriage certificates: When someone dies or gives birth in the local community, it is the job of the local government to issue certificates for that. Even after marriage ceremonies the local government gives marriage certificates to the celebrants.

5. They issue and regulate various types of licenses: Since there is no federal or state body that gives licenses at the local level, the local government is given that function. They are responsible for issuing different types of licenses; such as: drivers license, gun ownership licenses etc.

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