one thing i know is dat no man has d power to make me insignificant except GOD. WE ARE MORE DAN CONQUERORS.

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Indeed we are more than conquerors through God who loved us and gave himself to us.  May the love of God keep you going.
ur rite,
god alone can do it'
if any human shd promised just take as a mere talk to appease you.
Well done Ogechi.
True talk, no amount of intimidation, killing, burning, butchering, raping or slaughtering will make us loose focus. If God is with us who can be against us?
I agree, no one can make us feel inferior without our permission, that is why we must put all of our trust in God Almighty, He alone holds answers to all situations.
efe u asked who can be against us if God is with us? Well, it is de islamic jihadists from de north. But there fate shall be that of pharoh at de red sea. Lol
my dear i luv ur faith if only will stand by it and let me tell u today if u stand by it u wil always see ur self as the best thank pls be my friend.
B4 i will answer u ur question u hv 2 answer me one tin just one tin.hv u b betrayed by anybody or cheated by anybody. I really lûv ur question&i hv an answer 4 it bet answer so u can get an answer of ur brilliant question ok
My dear if u are truly sure of what u are saying vat no man hv's d power 2 make u insignificant.well i will Say vat u should maintain walt u are saying cos iz nat easy as u tink Bet God will help u 2 leave bet ok i like it. Bet u will still answer me my question


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