4 Things you need to be cautious about on the internet today

Be cautious not to believe everything on the internet. Almost anyone can publish information on the internet, and some of it may be false.Check all information for accuracy through additional reputable sources.


When sending information over the internet, be prepared to let the world have access to it. There are ways to gain access to anything that you send to anyone over the internet, including e-mail. Be extremely cautious when sending confidential information to anyone.


Always give credit to the author of any information (including graphics) found on the internet. Often permission can be granted from an author to use their material for educational purpose.


These usually destroy computer programs, hide inside of innocent looking programs, web pages and email attachments. When triggered, often by the date or time on the computer's internal clock or calendar, it executes a nuisance or damaging function such as displaying a message on your screen, corrupting your files, or reformatting your disk. Today, worms access your email address book and send themselves automatically. Make sure you've got virus protection software installed and that update their virus definition files at least monthly.

Conclusion: Just be very careful while using the internet. There are many scammers out there trying to make quick money. So many people have fallen victim. So do not believe every thing on the internet. I care.

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