4 things every researcher should do to remain updated

As a matter of requisite, the unique habits of a typical researcher are persistence, commitment, order and up-to-date; but it’s regretful to say that some researchers have thrown the subject of ‘contemporary research’ to the background, relying so much on ancient theories, principles and patterns. My assumption does not however beat the fact that quite a number wishes to remain updated in research but do not know how.

If that is you, then you have to do yourself a favour; keeping up-to-date as a researcher is easier said than done. A lot of activities will occupy your to-do list on daily bases but you have to make out time. Look! It is better to prepare your mind the whole day and write for just an hour a day than spending the day writing about outdated ideas; it will hardly sell out. Let me align your focus to 5 things you should do as a researcher to remain updated.

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Embrace an advanced research mindset                                                           

You will no more bear the tag of a ‘poor researcher’ if you broaden your horizon of research mindset; how do you do that? It’s this simple; do not limit your scope of study to your area of specialization, instead checkout complementing topics in other fields of study. That way, you will understand a research topic from various perspectives and of course, it is added to your wealth of knowledge.

Make out time to travel                                                               

It’s often said that travellers make good writers and that’s a fact. Travelling is like viewing the other sides of an ocean; you may never know what it looks like except you cross over. The world you see right where you are is your reality, the rest you hear of are fantasies except you see for yourself. Telling a story or researching about what you have observed or seen makes it all fun and real. Take a tour the next season, move away from your immediate environment and watch your next research pay-off.

Network with successful researchers

No man is an island, they say. There are researchers who have become really successful in your field and without; connect with them by chance or by accident. The internet now makes it a lot easier to connect online; that way, you are poised to do your best to meet your model’s standard including updating your information bank.

Get multiple information sources

As a researcher, information from just one source should never make a bench-mark for a conclusion; several opinions should have been sampled; likewise when aiming to remain updated in the field. You should always study multiple and credible information sources so that you wouldn’t get yourself in a mess.

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