Research questions for undergraduate project topics often formulate the bases for the actual research. Every research topic must answer to the research questions and if anything goes wrong from there, everything else goes wrong. As a matter of necessity, there are certain elements that shouldn’t be missing in typical research questions. Those elements are what we have tagged the ‘4 major features of a good research question' there could be more, but we go for the major. We will take time to talk about them individually in this article as it concerns undergraduates’ projects.


The elements of  good research questions


Should point to underlying issues

Before a project topic gains approval, it is believed that the issues highlighted has  not  been solved yet. So to craft a research question from a project topic is an act of positing questions which have not been definitively  answered.

By definitive, it means that even though such underlying issues seem to have obvious answers, it has not been research-proven. This implies conversely that research questions should be able to point out definitively unanswered questions as much as it coherent with the project topic and objectives.

Must agree with the research objectives

Almost in every case, research questions adopt lines from the objectives of the research in agreement with the terms of the project topic.

Must  be specific

Research questions must be so specific that it  corresponds with the research findings, each of them as numbered respectively. The research questions  are the major queries which the research must find answers to. And when it does, the results are lined up as the research findings from which the conclusion is drawn.

Must be researchable

Research questions shouldn’t be abstract or beyond the research capacity of undergraduates. Therefore it must be researchable  and purposeful.

End note

Research questions are as important as every stage in a research but what makes it so special is that it gives direction for the actual research from data gathering to analysis and findings. Systemically, a research is incomplete without research questions.

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