4 books I read for my first degree project topic in mass communication

Reading is an act that takes you round a circuit of knowledge up to higher realms of understanding. Judging from my experience as an undergraduate, reading is a ladder; I climbed through for mind-blowing experiences and adventure and realized the introspective sense it gives, especially as regards the project topics I choose for my research in mass communication.

Frankly speaking, starting my project in mass communication that year was a bit of hard nut, I barely knew how to begin with the “background of the research” study which is the introductory part of the project. I knew something has to be done, so I went back to the library to consult books. These books at the very early part doesn’t seem to add directly to my project topic, but delving deep into them cleared my doubts and ushered me into the world of undergraduate research in communication.


Allow me introduce you to few of the books I read for my project topic in mass communication

“Introduction to mass communication”
Reading this book “Introduction to mass communication” took me through a mind shopping for my project topic. I got full grasp of the tenets of mass communication, the aspects that it is made of as well as what scholars have done and written the human communication parlance.

“Theories of mass communication”

To add to my mind shopping cart, I had to read theories of mass communication which was very necessary for the completion of my project chapter two. I was exposed to lots of communication theories of which three made it to my project research. I hope you do know that my choice of theories was influenced by my project topic.

“Journals of communication”

These journals of communication I consulted at the time constitute several researches by scholars of communication in various specs. I needed to borrow a line or two of their ideas to add to mine.

“Dynamics of mass communication”

This is another book that is packed with a little of almost all I wanted to augment my research. From broadcasting, to journalism, to theories of communication, I found this book stocked with them.

Although only the research papers found in the journals of communication added particularly t my project topic, these books were at the forefront making my undergraduate project research a bed of roses afterwards.

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