I think the coast is becoming more clear for the Mr Gentle Man at Aso Rock, those who have tested power in the past should stay clear of the present dispensation at the presidential level because of their past antecedents.

Goodluck/Sambo can deliver, they are fresh. (http://gblcareers.com)

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Thats the power of incumbency playing itself out. Their unanimous decission is borne on ''scratch my back, i scratch ur back''. Their decission to support GEJ is not for nothing, they all have somthing to gain from it.

There wouldn't have been a choice than Mr Jonathan. Its quite timely and indeed a welcome development! God bless Nigeria!

these 21 governors have intrest,either to be returned for their 2nd term or ministerial appointment.GEJ is an angel comparing to his pdp gang members.pdp has been digraced in the south west,lost Edo,Anambra  after stealing the votes.the earlier we wake up and use our vote and kick out these monsters the better for us.we need new ideas and a fresh start. pdp has failed us for the past 11 years and will continue untill we do something about it.

Yeah, its a cheering news, is either Jonathan or the boat is rocked; the power of incubency.

They are all falling down for GEJ because they want automatic return tickets.  Scratch my back , I scratch your back.

I agree totally with ure summations.We need fresh legs like jonathan in Aso rock.I am just sick and tired of these old politicians like Atiku, IBB and Co.They,ve started sounding like broken records and using the old tricks of using war drums to scare us.But alas they are mistaken.This time around,they and there children plus family members will lead the war front and we will be following behind them to give the needed (support).They think we will remain fools forever. NO WAY.


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