Those clamouring for Regional Politics re the beneficiares who know they ll get political appointment or juicy contracts. Thugs and Crooks inclusive. Those few individuals render support by hook or crook, even resort to violence, where and when its deemed neccessary to them, making sure one of their own is incharge. Its all about their gain not what the country ll benefit.
Some persons want to hold on to Jonathan's promise of not contesting 2015 poll thereby giving themselves sleepless nights because he is making his body language unreadable, turning themselves into entertainers. They want us to laugh away our sorrow like Regular Comedians In Night Of a Thousand Laugh; and they re the cause of our sorrow. North or South East Politicians, instead of hoping on Jonathan's promise, is it not time you get yourselves familiar with the Nigerian Constitution? Will Jonathan not recontest?
Its like Jonathan dont know how to tell lie like a Politician or he had learnt to lie like one. Here, its Jonathan vs the constitution and not his promise. Politicians ve been making promises and never keep them. That is his body language.
Hope someone can stop worrying.

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