It is idiotic & indeed sycophancy, hypocrisy & insult of the highest order for anybody to insinuate that a Senatorial District that boasts of accomplished, exposed, experienced & tested men and women of timbre & caliber like Obong Ufot Ekaette, Sen Etang Umoyo, Sen. Udoma Udoma, Rt. Hon. Chief Nduese Essien, Obong Nsima Ekere, Engr. Patrict Ekpotu, Ambassador Assam Assam (SAN), Ambassador Etim Okpoyo, Barr. Effiong Abia, Barr. Dan Abia, Rt. Hon Okpolopom Etteh, Prof. Richard King, Prof. Ita Ewah, Arch. Otu Toyo, Rt. Hon. Peter Linus Umoh, Sen. Helen Esuene, Sen. Eme Ekaette, Hon. Robbinson Uwak, Rt. Hon. Ekong Sampson, Rt. Hon. Charles Mbong, Hon. Adasi Ubulom, Barr. Asuquo Okpo, Chief E.C.D. Abia, Engr. Larry Esin, Rt. Hon. Alice Ekpeyong, Barr. Ekpeyong Ntekim, Rt. Hon. Effiong Antigha, Lady Valerie Ebe, Hon. Uwem Ekanem, Rt. Hon. Victor Antai, Chief Mkpoette Effanga, Barr. Jack Udota, Rt. Hon. Eseme Eyibio, Rt. Hon. Benard Udoh, Rt. Hon. Dr. Esio Okuong Udoh, and a Host of many others, do not have credible governorship aspirants & not ready to produce a governor in 2015. As far as I know, Eket Gen. District is well co-ordinated prepared & positioned to take their turn in 2015 and nothing, nobody will stop them as far as our party, the PDP, its constitution & time honoured and tested zoning & rotation policy is concerned.

The constitution of the party is a legally enforceable document. It is binding on every member of the party no matter how rich or highly placed.

Anybody is free to be greedy and desperate, at appropriate time the constitution of the party and its zoning & rotation policy of the party shall be enforced by the party leadership. It is certain that the constitution of the party shall not be subverted, prevented or tinkered with simply because one member feels too big or rich to conform & subject his desperate ambition to the constitution and policy of the party.

Let me relate a life story. In 2006, a certain Ibibio man who was highly placed in govt. & very close to the power-that-were , was nursing a governorship ambition & had hoped to use his very strategic position in government to pursue & actualize his aspiration. When he went to consult & intimate the then president of his ambition, the man, known for his bluntness, had has asked him Whether he was an Annang man and he answered in the negative. There & then, the former president told him in plain terms to forget such aspiration because it was the turn of the Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District to produce Governor in 2007. That was how he abandoned the aspiration. So, when the time comes, the party will act decisively.

It is mischievous & fallacious for anybody to argue that zoning & rotation principle has the potentialities of throwing up mediocrity at the expense of merit, competence & credibility. If that is the case, it means that every public elective office holder in the country is general and Akwa Ibom State in particular, is a mediocre, incompetent because all of them are products & beneficiaries of the same zoning & rotation system.

The Governor, himself Chief Akpabio, has been very loud & clear that he is a product of zoning & rotation principle & he is popularly acclaimed & celebrated as an unequalled performer & uncommon transformator. Or, can anybody say that he is a mediocre & incompetent simply because he is a product of the zoning & rotation principle of the party? The speaker & indeed all members of the AKHA are products of zoning & rotation system. Are we saying they are mediocre, naïve and lack the capacity & credibility to represent their constituents in the house? Was the speakership of the House not zoned to Uyo Senatorial District? The answer is Yes. Is Rt. Hon. Sam Ikon, the product of the system a mediocre?

We can now see that these people, having been produced by the zoning system, lack the moral right to criticize it. And some, if not all of them are campaigning for one office or the other in 2015 on the basis of the same zoning system. It is the anti-zoning advocates that are scheming to benefit from zoning most. They speak from the two sides of their mouth. We can now see how sycophantic & hypocritical they are. I know very well that history and posterity will not be kind with them.

Is there any Local Govt. Chariman or Councilor that is not a product of zoning & rotation? The answer is No. Does it means that all our Local Govt. Councils are governed by a bunch of mediocre & misfits?

Ironically, it is those products & beneficiaries of the zoning & rotation system that are being used as drummer boys to campaign against the system that produced them.

Let’s be honest, is there any electoral constituency without a clear-cut, well-respected & accepted zoning & rotation system?

Zoning & rotation system allows every constituent part of our society, especially the minorities, to actualize their political aspiration without rancor.

Eket senatorial district is the largest of the three senatorial districts in the state and it is the economic base and life wire of Akwa Ibom State and yet some desperate hawks are ganging up to rob them of their clear and natural turn to reproduce a governor of the state for the first time since it creation.

One thing is clear, every body knows and believes that it is the turn of Eket senatorial district in 2015 and no amount of intimidation, blackmail and inducement by any person or group of persons will stop them.

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