Why do we always play with the truth?
Why did we want to crucify Ghadafi for his nuclear truth?
The SANs and the judges protect the political criminals through their postponements and
They have used this to cripple EFCC so that your thinking will be
that EFCC is not competent. Through these adjournments, the criminals will still come back
, contest and win come 2011.
The continuous arrest of murderers and killers in the north for more than 40 years without bringing these blood thirsty vampires to book has been intrinsically condensing like the first rain after the dry season and i think 2011 may be the saturation point.
The geometric increment in the population and the continuous neglect  by the government to provide employment opportunities since independence is totally inhuman...2011 will judge this fit.
What is power rotation?
I thought America is a respected country but she blatantly suppressed my regards for her by making an irresponsible statement that she supports power rotation..... an agreement of members of only one political party(PDP). What about other 49 political parties, what about the electorate.
My instinct is telling me that this support is not for the good of the nation but to fulfill all righteousness( that Nigeria will break by 2015)

Jonathan! arrest all the political criminals and shoot them without trial Starting from the ones who are in the black list of EFCC.
Fire all the parm secs and their girl friends.
Retire all the corrupt military generals and shoot them without trials.
Invite (My name sake) Michael Aondoakaa to Asorock and shoot him in the head without trial.
Somebody like Chimaroke Nnamani, the former governor of Enugu State and a member of the national assembly should be sent to the Golgotha and be crucified.
 I am a christian, A staunched one but  I have learned my weakness as a christian through the interview which Mustapha,the former emir of Gwandu granted Sunday Sun that in christiandom, the teaching is that if somebody slaps you on the right cheek, turn the left cheek for him too,...the sole aim and the strategy used by the islamists extrimist to kill and maim.

So if you want Nigeria to be one, do horrible unexpecteds and make name for generation to generation
otherwise wait and see the mauriciwualization of 2011 which may burst the nuclear and condenced gull bladder and the bile ducts of nigerians and the unending and uncontrollable anarchy ..more deserstrous than the history records of Somalia.

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