2011: Igbos have not endorsed any candidate — Ohaneze Ndigbo

By Henry Umoru
ABUJA—AHEAD of  the 2011 Presidential election, the umbrella body of the South East
geo-political zone, Ohaneze Ndigbo, said yesterday that as a body, it
had not endorsed any aspirant for the position.

Answering questions from journalists in Abuja yesterday, the new Chairman of Ohaneze
Ndigbo, Federal Capital Territory chapter, Barrister Nwabueze Calistus
Obi, who vowed that as a zone, it was prepared to fight for what was
just, stressed that they would confront any institution, individuals
that will stand as encumbrance to the fight of the Igbo within the
bounds of the law.

Also elected with him are Pastor Samuel Iloh, Prince I. H. Okwukwu and Emeka Wachukwu as Vice Chairmen, Val. Ogosi as
Deputy Chairman, Onwuka Arua as Secretary, Prince J.E. Ubani as
Publicity Secretary, among others.

He said Igbo people would at the most appropriate time come up with the
people of the zone after series of brainstorming exercises, adding that
the zone will allow for all the parties to come up with their
candidates, adding that after the primaries, the Igbos will now begin
to discuss and, thereafter, push the pendulum to the most favourable

According to him, “a lot of people have been talking, some are bending towards Jonathan, some are bending towards other
contestants, they are doing that in their individual capacities.  As a
nation, Igbo people have not endorsed any of the aspirants.

"Ohaneze national said in its last meeting in Enugu that the Igbo nation will at
the right time come out to tell Nigerians where they are. So, Ohaneze
FCT is in alignment with the views of the President General.

“The governors are not the Ohaneze, they are just the leaders of the various
states in the south East, they are not speaking for the entire Igbo
people.  If you are abreast of what is going on, very recently, the
same governors came out to deny that the Igbos are behind any of the
aspirants, they said they never at any time said so. 

 They might, on their own, decide, but that does not foreclose the constitutional right
of any Igboman to aspire to be President.  So like as I said, it is
individual expression, which has nothing to do with the thinking and 
direction Igbo people are going to and at a very auspicious time, the
Igbos will tell you who their man is”

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In my experience,I believe the old set of Igbo leaders are not good politicians.What are they waiting for?Is it after Johnathan and Sambo has garnered the full support of the North that the Igbos will act?The South West ,South South and some parts of the North has thrown in their support for the president already.This is a good opportunity for the Ibgos to start the reconciliation process with their minority brothers instead of dancing around IBB.The North will never ever hand the presidency to the South east without a fight and whatever deals they make with IBB is never going to see the light of day when the time comes.Build bridges now Ndigbo and stop sitting on the fence.There is no way the South East will win ANYTHING in Nigeria without the full support of South South.
Ohaneze ndi Igbo kwe nu! Ndi Igbo kkwenu! Kwezuo nu!

This is our opportunity and the last one for that matter! I like what our earlier commentator said about Igbo's around IBB. I am a politician and one to the core and have examined all sides of this matter about Jonathan's presidential contest of 2011. My question is, why is Jonathan trying to breach the gentleman agreement of zoning he signed as number 28 on the list? Is it not the same zoning arrangement that installed Nwodo into office otherwise, who is he in who is who in the Nigerian politics of today?
How can we Igbos allow minority 4 million South South take the position of 65 million Igbos? Why is Jonathan begging the support of Igbos when his people mentioned their assistance to the Northerners during the biafra war that saw our senior worrior, onye di Igbo ji eje mba, in person of Odimegwu Ojukwu lose the war with Igbos.
Of course we all know that IBB is rich beyond capacity and is only coming to rebuild his dented name.
I will rather shake hands with IBB than Jonathan who is simpy being powered by E.K clark.
Let us back the Northerners otherwise, if zoning dies, the Northerners will continue to rule Nigeria for the next 150 million years unless we divide or fight but who in Igbo land is ready to die? You reading or me writing? No way!
Babangida, we do not need your money because we know how you got it but, I say to you, Come out! We will support you to the last, afterall, you were good to the Igbos before and will perform better if given another chance more especially now you know that you can only win with our support.
We have mapped out your wining strategies but you need to have us deliver the information to you in person.
4 steps and you will thrash any candidate coming to you.
No1: appoint your VP from the South South and see it become a case of united we stand, divided we fall. Make sure you appoint an area father, one who is always available when required and strong and obstinante.
No2: #########################
My brother The Patriot,(or is it Pariot?) you are wrong.The Ibos are a major tribe in Nigeria and all they need to do is to sit down and talk with others stakeholders.No amount of dancing around dubious personalities like IBB and co.will make it easier for Ndigbo.The South South has been feeding the entity Nigeria for about 50 years now and somehow,God in his wisdom has made things the way it is right now.Ndigbo must fight for what they want just like the Yorubas did.It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.What is done is done.Time to look and plan ahead instead of wasting precious time over old issues.There is no way the South East can win anything substantial in Nigeria without the full support of the South South.Believe it.I do not want to get into the issue of why the South South are always in support of the North when it comes to politics.
I believe that it is a bit of arrogance for anyone to assume the support of a whole nation of Igbo. What we should say here is that at the right time we will make our opinion public for others to cohere with or disagree. If and when a credible aspirant appears from any zone be it South or North we may advertise our support for him/her. Th Igbo have this saying that it is with your eye that you perceive ripe corn. Most if not all the so far declared candidates have some baggage that makes them unacceptable if we dig deep enough. Some of them have a saving grace such as astuteness or fraternity. We have this saying that when the choice is between moving forwards and turning back; it is best to go forward and that forward for now is GEJ.
God bless you Nathan Oparachi.
Thank you Mr.Nathan.I agree with you completely and that is why the South South are going around soliciting support from all and sundry.I think it is always better to sit down and talk things over instead of bragging all over the place.IBB and the North have nothing worthwhile to offer Ndigbo except by negotiations so for this thief to just throw up the offer of presidency to the Igbo people without any yaw yawing is highly suspicious and should be taken with a pinch of salt.My wish is to see a prosperous Nigeria.Simple
God bless you Nathan Oparaeche. I think Parrot, Pariot but definitely not Patriot is offering his conscience for sale. Parrot please choose another platform to send your 'PROPOSAL', this platform is for the progressives both in thought and in deed definitely not for sell outs.
This Eze Ndi Igbo chairman is only seeking for relevance. The Igbos are for Goodluck Jonathan.


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