20 shocking reasons why you need to quit curse of smoking today

What is the use of repenting now when the bird has eaten the harvest.

This phrase is all wrong when it comes to the case of a smoker who is losing everything in life, thinks he can’t change a thing, and it is too late now.  

Are you that smoker too?

Let’s not get into a debate and keep everything simple and straight. Just read the reasons below and decide everything by yourself.  

  • Smoking is the glue to illness

Being a smoker makes it easy for diseases to attack successfully on your body.

  • Loss of many years of life

Smokers lose more than 10 years of their precious life.

  • Heart diseases

Out of every five deaths that happen because of heart diseases, one is directly related to smoking.

  • Medical care expenses
    According to the research, more than $289 billion per year are spent on the medical care and treatment of the smokers.
  • Disturbed Sleep

Smoking keeps a person away to enjoy peaceful and deep sleep.

  • Hair issues

Hair of smokers start turning grey, and they experience premature baldness earlier than average age.  

  • Slow healing
    If you get a cut on your body or any wound, you’ll heal slower than normal humans.
  • Sterility in men
    Smoking slows down the movement of sperms in males. Also, it damages them and makes them less able to fertilize the eggs of the female.
  • Unfertile eggs
    Women who smoke loss fertile eggs at faster rates.
  • Relationships
    It has been observed that most of the people don’t date those who smoke.
  • Dangerous for family and friends
    If you are a smoker, then you're causing horrible damage to them. They'll be caught in half of the troubles too that you’re already into. Remember! Secondhand smoke is dangerous too.  

    1. Dangerous for pets
      It is not only dangerous for family and friends, but it also causes harm to your poor pets too.

  • Lung cancer

It is the number one reason behind lung cancer.

  • Cleft Palates

Women who smoke during pregnancy experience high risks of having a baby with the disease of cleft palates.

  • Weakens immune system
    It weakens the ability of the body to fight against foreign entities and diseases.
  • Cervical cancer
    Risk of this disease is double in the women smokers.
  • Increases chances of stroke

It thickens the blood and forms clots which further cause the stroke.

  • Colorectal Cancer
    Smokers have high chances of dying from colorectal cancer.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

Smokers have high risks of developing this painful disease.

  • Loss of Vision
    Researches have proved that smoking causes glaucoma and cataracts.  

Smoking is a horrible, ugly and dreadful malediction that leaves no choice to a person but to stand on the verge of chaotic, pathetic, unhealthy and a life full of troubles.

You don’t want that do you?

Remember! Your healthy life is precious than all the treasures of this universe and what’s beyond it. Why ruin it just for the sake of puffing smoke out?  

If you think you have damaged yourself a lot and there is no going back, then you’re utterly wrong. What's done is done, that is true indeed. But remember! All is not lost, and best is yet to come.

You know your body has an amazing ability to heal the damages, right?

The day you’ll quit, the day your body will start mending, fixing and healing the damages that have been caused and you’ll be a healthy and strong person again.

So what are you even waiting for? Quit smoking today and give your life a second chance!

That’s all . . . . . Feel free to comment below if I have missed anything and let everyone know.

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