2 most underrated skills that will take you to the top in education

The atmosphere that education creates is that of information, communication, interaction, knowledge sharing and learning. The traditional learning system provides that teachers teach while students learn; nowadays, education is an open opportunity to teach and learn at the same time both teachers and students alike. From what we have gathered lately via research following some education project topics, project based learning as well as collaborative learning (which are open methods of learning) are some of the best way to make education an experience since it contributes actively to students’ academic performances.

You are not wrong if you seal your conclusions on this matter on the above mentioned grounds but I must let you know that little can only be achieved if you are not equipped with skill; and what sort of skills are we talking about?

The following are fundamental skills that will take you to the top in education

·         Communication skills

Prof. Des Wilson, in his Book human communication wrote “man cannot not communicate”. This implies that as long as you are human and still in existence, you do communicate, even when you are silent you speak louder. Communication simply involves the process of sending and receiving information; it can happen in various levels of skill including;

Speaking skills                                                                    

Like the name suggests,  to communicate in spoken words and verbal languages including written words. Speaking is learned and adopted in order to communicate effectively without distortion.

Listening skills

As the name suggests, listening is a skill in education, infact if you don’t have it you are in a mess. Listening is different from hearing, you can hear but may not lay it to heart, but when you listen, you do it with concentration and attention.

Non-verbal language

This form of communication often happens with impulse but it is skillful to manage, use and apply it right. In the education sector, non-verbal communication is classified under the school of vocational studies.

With these communication skills, you can be able to present a point of view in a way that makes sense and meaning just the way you expect.

·         Research skill

Research is one of the most important practices that have elevated the place of education in the society over time. Now conducting a research successfully is a skill, no wonder students are taught specially and guided on the research formats, organization and presentation of education project topics and research materials at their final year levels or before then.

Without research skill especially in education, you may find it difficult to harness data and turn them into useful resources for your research.

When you throw research to the background, you may not go very far in education because you will find it difficult to predict or forecast where the world is going in the education sector and what is expected.

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