2 most important ways to solving low availability of final year project resource materials

Burning bridges is nothing different from limiting record-breaking grounds for oneself because it makes no room for retreat. The place of retreat in final year projects research, so to say is nothing close to going back to one’s vomit, it’s about revisiting what has been established in the past, learning from it and pushing further for a better research outcome. Issues relating to final year projects for undergraduates have always be attributed first to how to choose good project topics for research; this long standing pitfall have not just influenced the choices of project topics negatively, there is equally a remarkable trace of low availability of resource materials for undergraduates making the place of retreat in research a very complicated mission.

That notwithstanding, if your plans of final year project ideas from previous research have been defeated or you probably do not want to have such ugly experience, this guide is meant to help you align your thought on best practices of solving the low availability of final year project research materials plus the results it will yield in undergraduate research.

Recycling research materials                     

Not until recently, research materials are hardly regarded weeks or months after the event of project defence; so it was difficult finding a previous final year project work that is related to the current research you are into atleast to make reference to. This issue brigs to limelight the solution of recycling project research materials specifically in its soft format.

The idea is that leaving research materials in an online repository is safe, durable and equally available for use to further research use. This solution however largely depends on you as undergraduates because, if you do not make available the soft copy of your project or even upload them online, it will hardly go digital or even survive time and will hardly be of help for further research.

Academic journals                                         

You can equally plan to publish your research materials to academic journals as a way of keeping your projects alive for future researchers. Sometimes it is published in papers, booklets and even online but the sole aim is to provide a reliable reference point for final year project students during research.

Publishing research projects in journals however is actually earned and sometimes involves some financial responsibilities but it’s a good way to keep research memories while also making it available for future research.

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