Research has made it known that the long-term effect of wearing makeup is more harmful than the benefits it offers.

Skin problems like acne, eczema, pimples, fine lines, breakout, and large pores are most of the time caused by wearing fake makeup products.

A recent study made on the cosmetic industry in 2017 made it known that the industry made $66.4 billion. And with the mouth gaping amount made annually by the industry made every brand either quality or fake want to eat of the national cake.

To be able to tap some of the money, they started using low-quality and harmful substances like arsenic, lead, and even feces to create their products.

Then to entice people, they package it well and lessen the price.

Power of packaging.

When you wear this type of makeup, in a short time you start seeing changes in your skin and you'll blame your skincare products.

Your skincare products if chosen wrongly can also do some harm to the skin.
That is why I always emphasize knowing your skin before buying a skincare product.

You can do this by doing a shower test.

Take your bath in the morning and follow it with an inspection to know your skin type either dry, oily, or combination skin.

The truth is that you and I can be much more beautiful without makeup.

And that is why I have made my researches, met with beauty experts, and came up with something you will love to see and put into practice.

Talking of what I found, I found 18 powerful ways to be beautiful even without makeup in Nigeria and every part of the world.

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