Undergoing plastic surgery is a unique decision. What makes one feel beautiful might vary from person to person.

Although body satisfaction is truly individual, everyone deserves a plastic surgeon who understands your intentions and also puts your safety first.

Board-certified plastic surgeon and host of the podcast “The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show,” Dr. Anthony Youn, MD, considers his work as enhancements and not answers to deeper issues. “[If they think a facelift will make them happy], then I stop them there because really you can enhance your life with these types of changes, but you can’t take a life that is unhappy and make it happy by getting a cosmetic procedure.”

That’s why he always suggests getting a second opinion from another plastic surgeon before getting cosmetic surgery done.

“You’re dealing with invasive procedures and just because [a doctor will perform a surgery] doesn’t mean it’s safe,” he points out. And Youn does have a point.

Evidence of malpractice in this field is often a result of an individual doctor who’s either negligent, doesn’t inform their patients properly, or fails to diagnose an injury.

So how do you know a doctor is right for you?

Fact is, search hard enough and anyone can find a doctor who’s willing to do the most skeptical or difficult of surgeries. What you should look for is a doctor who’s willing to say no.

Youn believes in having his own do-not-do list, which he calls his Beauty Blacklist. Here are 13 procedures he cautions against:

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It is so amazing that we can do now plastic surgeon and be sure that our doctor wouldn`t screw up. When I was making eyelashes I nervous too, but I`ve read few articles and I was sure that everything gonna be okay. Just look at this here and you would understand it on your own. Sad, that most of people still thinking that surgical intervention is still something unnormal.


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