Secrets are not just hidden but they are sometimes concealed simply because we are not sensitive to the signals around us.

As a man, it is not enough to be lady’s choice but you need to ask yourself how much information do you know about her being a woman?

A woman may give you her body and her heart, but there are parts that she’ll never give up; it’s her secret and you only need the eye of an eagle to unravel these hidden information.

The secrets are as follow;

A woman will only tell you about her past if truly loves, don’t use this to discredit her but learn from her past mistakes.

A woman hardly forget things, she tends to remember hurts more, avoid making her hurt. Avoid negative words and appreciate her always.

A woman can be highly secretive. Most times when they prove hard to men, they go to their closet and cry to friends. Make your woman your best friend.


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