105 years later, letter in bottle thrown from Titanic's deck found (Details)

A message in a bottle seemingly thrown from the deck of the Titanic hours before it sank to the bottom of the ocean has left experts baffled.

The intriguing note is dated April 13, 1912 (109 years ago), and bears the name of 12-year-old Mathilde Lefebvre, who was a third-class passenger on the doomed vessel.

The mysterious letter has left scientists completely baffled. {Credit: L'Université du Québec à Rimouski}

It reads: "I am throwing this bottle into the sea in the middle of the Atlantic. We are due to arrive in New York in a few days.

"If anyone finds her, tell the Lefebvre family in Liévin."

Shortly before midnight the next day the "unsinkable" ship would strike an iceberg, causing it to go down killing more than 1,500 of those on board.

Mathilde, three of her siblings and their mother, Marie, were never seen again but 105 years later a note apparently signed by Mathilde was found washed up on a Canadian beach.

"The bottle could be the first Titanic artifact found on the American coast," said historian Maxime Gohier.

Now scientists are probing the mysterious document in a bid to prove whether it's the real thing or an elaborate hoax.

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