100Days in Office: Hon. Amodu Emulates Gov Bello, Transforms Ofu

By Onoja Integrity

As it is said, "the common man is not concerned by the passage of time, the man of talent is driven by it." And to a man like Hon. Amodu Ibrahim Destiny, the Executive Chairman Ofu, one of the 21 Local Governments in Kogi State, who is not just talented but uniquely trenchant, no minute in life goes by unused.

Every nook and cranny of Ofu has been given a facelift in his few days in office and every soul has been directly or indirectly touched.

Giving account of what Amodu has been able to achieve in 100days in office is like attempting to number the hairs on a human head - too many to mention.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau, "It's not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?" We were greeted with arrays of commemoration of 100 days in office from leaders across the 21 LGA in Kogi yesterday but the 'starboy' among them all is the leader of Ofu. If governance was music, he is the one to go home with the Grammy.

Political leaders would always be busy but the outcome are often infinitesimal. But Amodu understands that the business of government is projects and service delivery.

While it's impossible to itemise all the projects of our the one seen as Kogi Mr. Project, a sip it taken off his record book and he is undoubtedly the best among the rest going by what was seen.

Ofu, situated in Kogi East, is estimated to have a population of 300,000 as 2006 census puts it's figure at 192,169. It has 4 distinct districts, 11 wards and several villages with its headquarters in the town of Ugwolawo.

When Amodu was elected last year to chair the affairs of Ofu, his first move was to light up the town as no man works in darkness. He renovated and refurbished two transformers for Akpagidibo community and provided 80 poles of solar street light in Ugwolawo to provide the people with uninterrupted power supply.

In synergy with the governor of Kogi State in annihilation of criminal elements in the State, the Ofu boss brought to live Office of the police constabulary in Ugwolawo.

He also mounted a sculpture of a woman fetching water from a river to beautify Ofu.

Among other projects too voluminous to pen are the Commissioning of standard sign post for Ofu local government Secretariat which has not been in existence for years, Donation of football equipments to Ofu local government, Arrest and Prosecution of kidnappers and criminal Elements in the LGA, Provision of Healthcare support to the people of Ofu LGA, Maintainance of Peace in the domain amongst worrying communities and Rehabilitation of some rural roads in the Area.

The man behind the wheel in Ofu is taking after his master, Governor Yahaya Bello, and if Hon. Amodu can be replicated across the 21 local governments in Kogi State, the governor would have only focused on projects beyond the strength of a local government chair.

Albeit, as the people have passed votes of confidence in Amodu, so has God. His name is already etched on the plague of heart of Kogites and its hoped that his counterparts would emulate him or get mentored by him-the Mr. Project of Kogi.

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