Building a long lasting relationship requires alot,love that lasts requires sacrifice it involves partners embedding themselves in each other’s brain.

1. Always remember to keep up with the first year.

As time goes on, we tend to feel lazy towards our relationship. We all start to loose our patience, discard our gentleness, being less thoughtful, and nevertheless misunderstanding and the general effort we once geared towards our partner. Its always important we Think back to the first year of our relationship and put down all the lovely moments and things we used to do for our partner. Then start doing them all over again

2. Don’t Assume- Ask.

Sometimes, in a relationship we assume that our partner already know us so well that we don’t need to request for what we want. It’s always bad when we make this assumptions. Expectations are easily set in relationships after a long term and can also get deflated like a flash.When expectations are not met questions are being raised about the viability of the connection between partners.Always have it at the back of your mind to always ask for you want when in a relationship. Because this goes a long way in spicing up the relationship.

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