Daniel, Samuel, Noah, Enoch, Job, Moses, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, are names which readers of the bible are familiar with to give a few examples. There are many more such as Peter, Paul, Apollos, James, John, Abraham, Isaac, and so on.


Which of these singly or in combination will you chose as the 10 Most Righteous Persons ever born of a woman? You may also add yourself to the list id you believe you're worthy of standing.


I'll love to hear your thoughts, options, objections, nominations, and why you think these persons or persons (including yourself if need be) should occupy a place as the Most Righteous Persons ever.


Should be fun huh? 

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I never knew the names you mentioned here as religious people.  They were rather God-fearing people and some of them laid down their lives in the course of propagating the gospel.  They were not just religious.
Religious? Not so sir. Righteous persons should be right. So what do you think? Will any of these persons based on there walk in righteousness make the 10 most righteous persons born of women?
The bible has already described them as righteous and urged us to follow their steps.  I am sure the bible cannot be kidding and nothing can be farther from that.  But as for the 10 most righeous men born of women, I do not know.


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