The love for retro games never stops, sometimes we want to try older games to feel the vibe once more but most of this games, handheld or consoles are very hard to find or buy. This where emulator software like PPSSPP comes in handy.
PPSSPP an open-source, free software emulator for PSP (Play Station Portable) , a handheld game console by Sony Computer Entertainment, which sold more than 76.3 million units world wide making it one of the most played handed game played by various players all over the globe.
In this post, we would be talking about PPSSPP emulator application because its the best emulator software you can find for PSP (Play Station Portable).
How To Install PPSSPP Emulator ?
PPSSPP emulator is a free application, the gold version which does not have ads, is also an available option for people who are willing to support the developer. PPSSPP emulator supports a long range of devices and operating system like , Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Blackberry, Pandora, Meego/Harmattan, and even Symbian OS. To download PPSSPP simply visit their website link here
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