Technical Support for HP Printer


We are there to help you out with any issue in your printer.

Our proficient technicians are expert in Printer installation, setup, driver update, printer offline, paper jam, wireless printer support, non-operation of printer and any other technical and non-technical issues related to printers.


Our on-stream store is always at your fingertips. We always have a solution for you, even if the product is out of warranty or it is a refurbished product, for every problem our technicians will solve it to the root cause.




Either you are facing problem with performance of printer or with installation or configuration of the printer, our printer specialist grab the focal point and remove the complications. Also, in case of no warranty, the assistance is just a click away to make our product work like new. As we understand the concern for our end-users and always leans on to provide the best support.

We provide our assistance in every possible issue :

Configuration with laptops/computers.

Connectivity and network issues.

Connectivity issues with other devices or Wi-Fi.

Document scan problem.

Functionality and alignment problem.

Installation of drivers and system compatibility issue.

Issue with quality of printing or blank paper.

Paper jam and alignment.

Printer drivers’ repair or re-installation issues.

Setup wizard and restoration support.

Slow speed of printing.

Unable to print-in general or particular document.

Unsupported printer format with updated OS version.

Wireless setup.

for more information please click on the link

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