The restrained visitation and advise that the children would seek their father in due course.


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Comment by UMWENI Omoruyi on September 27, 2014 at 2:53pm
''In Benin custom when a son is born and the mother is separated from the father and she as a result keeps the boy, it is only until he grows up enough to look after himself that he returns to his father who starts inducting him into his paternal family's way of life''..This reference is also acknowledged by Solomon Eghobamien Esq. in his book (Igiogbe and miscellany published in 2009) p.53

This actions relayed on the Benin custom and the fear of the children's safety due to our father's state of mind and the fact he had a new wife. There where several stories of some unbelievable atrocities of some other wives eliminating the eldest son of their husband to make place for their own son to become the eldest.

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